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11. Miscellaneous cfg file parameters

There are a number of parameters that can be set manually in the .cfg file:

  • Minimum trim airspeed setting (Min_Trim_AirSpeed_E, _A & _R).  (V1.210+)

    This sets the minimum airspeed that will apply to the trim force calculations for each control axis. If the actual airspeed drops below this value the specified min value will be used. This allows an always-on component of trim force to be specified, even when the aircraft is at rest.

    Value is in Knots and must be set manually in the .cfg file in the relevant axis section (eg [Elevator], [Aileron] or [Rudder] sections.

  • Position feed to FSX - WFS_Inhibit in [WideFS] section.

    Set =1 to inhibit the flight control position feed to FSX/X-Plane when the system is in pot-less mode.

    This allows pot-less mode to be active in the CL system and cards, whilst allowing standard joystick card pots to be used for the main flight control position inputs if required.

  • Section [Show_Conts] - Show_Conts window position indicator bar inverts.

    This section contains 6 parameters which can be set to invert the movement of the flight control position indicator bars in the Show_Conts window. Probably of most interest is the invert settings for the trims, they can be used to your preferred direction for trim indication.

    For details see a recent default cfg file.

  • Section [Setup] Use_FSTrim - various trim options

    Use_FSTrim=0 - default GA operating mode, CL trims active, FSX trims should be disabled

    Use_FSTrim=1 - Use the CL trim inputs to drive FSX internal trim, CL trim forces are disabled. FSX trim inputs should be disabled.

    Use_FSTrim=2 - FSX trim is active using its own trim inputs - CL trim is disabled. See Section 7.2

    Use_FSTrim=3 - Experimental X-Plane mode - CL system drives flight controls as A/P servo, A/P control actions read from external BFF A/P software. CL system drives X-Plane trim indicators - X-Plane aircraft modified to inhibit trim effects on flight motions. This allows X-Plane trim indications to be retained whilst giving CL system trim and A/P control. Flight control positions are always consistent in and out of A/P control - so A/P disengage is smooth in GA mode.

    Use_FSTrim=4 - as for =3 above, but instead BFF A/P software controls aircraft directly via XPUIPC, and CL system position follows the A/P control actions. Probably a more robust solution.

    Use_FSTrim = 10 - Heavy Jet Mode 1 - See Appendix D

    Use_FSTrim=-1 - Default GA mode, but also write CL trims positions to custom FSUIPC offsets - allows them to be then read by 3rd party application to drive external trim indicators. See section 7.1




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