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Appendix F. Using the CL software with ProSim 737.

The CL system can be used with ProSim 737 through a combination of Heavy Jet Mode 1 to set the behaviour of elevator axis trim, and changes to the Auto Pilot integration settings to allow the CL software to recognise and work with the ProSim MCP for A/P following..

Please read Appendix D for details of Heavy Jet Mode 1. In this mode the elevator control exhibits a single hands-off position (usually at mid), whilst CL elevator trim adjustments drive the FSX (rather than the CL) trim position. Trimming therefore causes the pitch attitude of the aircraft to change whilst the elevator control can be brought back to its hands-off position at mid.

In the aileron and rudder control axes however trim follows the "General Aviation" feel. In this mode on trim adjustment the control force is trimmed out to allow the axis to be made hands-off at any position (within reason).

CL trim inputs should be active on all axes, and FS trim inputs should be disabled on all axes.

It is also possible to use GA type trim feel on the elevator axis - see the bottom of this page here.

In order to allow the CL system work with the ProSim A/P custom FSUIPC offsets are used to communicate the A/P status, and to send disengage commands from the CL software to ProSim. These custom FSUIPC offsets must be configured in ProSim 737 System application. See below for details.

When A/P becomes active (ie via MCP CMD1 or CMD2) the CL system will drive the aileron axis to follow the FS aileron axis (as commanded by ProSim A/P). The CL elevator trim indicator will follow FS elevator trim movement whilst the elevator stays stationary at mid.

Configuration Settings:

A default Heavy-ProSim configuration file is provided which you can use as the start of your setup. Most settings are already made in this file, however they are detailed below for reference.

  1. Open the Configuration Manager (V1.03 or later) and load the "Heavy ProSim" default configuration file. Go to Tab 5 and select Item 18 (Heavy Jet Mode 1), and then click Update_Mode.

    This will enable heavy jet mode 1 (Use_FSTrim=10), and make sure pot-less mode is set.

    It will also set Tab 4 Item 1 = 2 to enable A/P following and set the A/P status offset Item 25 = 0x5300 (default).

    Additionally it will set Tab 4 Item 26 = 0x53DB to set the auto-disengage command offset, and Item 27 = 551 (default) to set the command value.

    Tab 4 Items 2 & 3 will be set = 1.0 to define the position following movement scalers. The rudder axis is not used for A/P control in this mode.
  2. In ProSim configure the FSUIPC offset to export the MCP indicator light status. This is done in the ProSim737 System window - Menu item Config-Configuration-Tab "Inidcators MCP/Throttle".

    You must first enable FSUIPC Support in the ProSim "Drivers" Tab for the offset setting option to become available.

    Then in the "Indicators MCP/Throttle" Tab set

    MCP CMD A to FSUIPC 8 bit U - 0x5300.1
    MCP CMD B to FSUIPC 8 bit U - 0x5300.2
    MCP CWS A to FSUIPC 8 bit U - 0x5300.3
    MCP CWS B to FSUIPC 8 bit U - 0x5300.4
    MCP FCC A Master to FSUIPC 8 bit U - 0x5300.5
    MCP FCC B Master to FSUIPC 8 bit U - 0x5300.6

    NB change "5300" to suit your chosen offset. If you change this you must also change Tab 4 Item 25 to suit.
  3. Then configure the offset used to carry the CL software auto A/P disengage instruction, the ProSim "Switches MCP/Throttle" Tab set....

    MCP AP Disengage Disengage to
    FSUPIC 16bit U 0x53DB = 551

    This can be adjusted to suit your offset and value settings in Items 26 and 27 if required.

    The CL software will issue the A/P disengage command if the pilot forces the elevator or aileron control is away from its set point by more than the trigger distances set in Tab 4 Items 13 & 14.
  4. Remember to SAVE your configuration settings.

Please see the Heavy Jet Mode 1 section for details of other settings usually made in this mode.

If the above settings are not made correctly then the ProSim integration may not operate properly.

Using GA style trim feel:

GA style trim feel can be set on the elevator axis rather than Heavy Jet mode type trim feel. However this will affect the elevator control position operating range and may require larger than usual control displacements in some circumstances. This is because to set GA type trim feel the CL system must control trim whilst the FS trim setting is held at a fixed value at all times (other than during A/P control).

To configure GA mode Select Item 17 in Tab 5 and click Update Mode. This will set Item 22 = 0. Make sure that your Tab 4 A/P settings remain the same as above to allow operation with ProSim A/P.

Note settings Tab 4 Items 11 & 12. These set the way in which FS elevator trim is handled on A/P disengage. The CL software will reset FS trim to zero when A/P is disengaged to prevent a shift in elevator axis authority. Item 11 allows a non-zero reset position which can be used to provide a fixed shift in elevator control range during flight.



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