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Software Licence USB Dongle

USB Dongle for Portable Software Registration


BFF Software Licence Dongle

USB Licence Dongle

July 2014:


Portable software licensing is now available for the following motion and control loading software versions:

  • BFF Control Loader Software V1.122 or later.

  • BFF 6 DOF Motion Software V3.15 or later.

Note: NOT currently available for the 3DOF motion software.


How it Works


The normal (non-portable) software registration process for the above applications ties your licence to a specific PC using a unique ID generated for the PC. A registration.ini file is issued against the unique ID, and so long as that valid registration.ini file is present the software will unlock on the PC.


If the software is moved to a different PC with a different ID then the regsitration.ini file is not recognised as being valid and the software will not unlock. A new registration.ini file is needed for every PC.


The USB Licence Key (Dongle) acts as a portable PC identifier which is encoded in the dongle memory, and it is issued with a matching regsitration.ini file. So long as the valid matching registration.ini file is present the USB Dongle will allow the software to be unlocked on any PC into which it is plugged.


With the USB Dongle the software can be run on different PC's, or on the same PC which has had upgrades to hardware or OS - without the need for a new software purchase or new registration request.


The same USB Dongle can be used for the different software applications listed above - so long as a valid registration.ini file exists for that application.



What it Costs


Each USB Dongle costs UK£30 + £8 P&P.


The cost of the USB Dongle is IN ADDITION to the normal registration costs for the software - see the individual software pages for details.


So you must have already, or are currently also, making a relevant software purchase before a Dongle with matching registration.ini file will be provided. Only one USB dongle can be issued in relation to each relevant software purchase.


Postage will be by signed-for airmail small packet service.


To order your USB Dongle please email me at the email address below. 




The USB Dongle is easily installed by plugging it into any USB port. It does not require additional drivers for operation - it uses Windows USB HID device drivers.


If on installation your PC indicates that it is searching on-line for drivers then select the option to cancel the on-line search (not the main driver install) and the normal system drivers will be used instead.


Following your order a matching registration.ini file will be provided by email. This must be saved into your BFF software folder. With the registration.ini file present and the Dongle installed your software will unlock.


The Dongle will operate on all recent Windows OS versions.







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