BFF Motion Driver v3 - Short User Guide

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16. Motion Driver for Project CARS racing sim

A beta version is available for the racing sim Project CARS. The download is on the Introduction page.

Access to the racing sim telemetry data is via the sim's shared memory area - there are no plugins required. However the shared memory output of pCARS needs to be enabled in the Options & Help area - under Visuals-Hardware select the Use Shared Memory option.

IMPORTANT: this is BETA software and may contain bugs - please use with care!


Installation of the motion driver is mainly the same as the other versions - see section 2.


The software operation is mainly as described in Section 3 Operation.

Some of the flight sim related features such as heave movement recording due to turbulence etc are not active in the pCARS motion driver for obvious reasons.

The default .bff config files in the pCARS motion driver zip file contain cue settings better suited to the faster dynamics of the racing car sim. You may wish to experiment with them. Generally because the on-ground vehicle accelerations are held for shorter durations before changing again rapidly there is less need for washouts in the cue, so the sample configs don't use acceleration washouts (other than where they are needed for basic cue development - ie in the heave and yaw cues). The acceleration scaling to fit the cue limits may also need to be adjusted to suit different vehicles.

NOTE: When pCARS leaves or switches between a live driving session the telemetry data can become erratic and it is best that the motion drive is not left on Drive when this happens. By default therefore the drive will switch to Hold at Start Pos mode whenever pCARS interface returns to Race Central.

However it is recommended that the user manually switches to Hold at Start Pos whenever race mode is exited because the pCARS API telemetry data does not detect all situations in which a live driving session ends.

Remember you can use the Drive and Hold hot-keys or hot-buttons which are defined in your .bff cue configuration file to do this.

The refresh rate of the motion driver output can be increased up to the data refresh rate of the pCARS telemetry data output using .bff configuration file parameter MD_Delay.

Use with Windowed Mode:

You will need to put pCARS into windowed mode in order to first run the motion software and make all your cue settings and adjustments.

To do this go the Options & Help area and under Visuals-Performance select the Windowed option. You should also set the Resolution small enough to be able to see both pCARS and the 6DOF motion software at the same time.

Use with Fullscreen Mode:

There doesn't seem to be a way at the moment of switching pCARS in and out of Windowed mode on the fly. So if you wish to use pCARS in fullscreen mode then the motion software needs to be started before pCARS is started.

So Start the motion software first, then once pCARS starts the motion software will complete its startup routine in the background. When you are ready for motion use either your assigned hot keys or joystick hot buttons to switch the motion software in /out of Drive mode.

The Drive and Hold hotbuttons or keys can be set manually in your .bff configuration file.

If you find any bugs or strange behaviours in the beta version then please let me know.


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