6-DOF BFF Motion Driver - User Guide

V3 (6-DOF) User Guide - Contents

1. Introduction

2. Software Installation

3. Operation

4. Configuration File Settings

5. Data Output Formats

6. First Use Procedure

6B. "Easy" Cue Settings Windows

7. X-Plane Data Export Settings

8. Using Dimension Engineering Kangaroo Controller Modules

9. Motion Driver for rFactor racing sim

10. Motion Driver for Assetto Corsa racing sim

11. Motion Driver for F1 2013 ( & DiRT 3/4) racing sims

12. Motion Driver for Live for Speed racing sim

13. Motion Driver for iRacing racing sim

14. Using the Generic Motion Driver

15. Motion Driver for GPBikes motorcycle racing sim

16. Motion Driver for Project CARS racing sim

17. Motion Driver for Aerowinx Precision Simulator (PSX)

18. Actuator Angle Monitoring

19. Using the x-IMU Inertial Measurement Unit with the Generic Motion Driver

20. Motion Driver for Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)


Appendix 1. Change Log



Updated 4/12/20 - MSFS/X-Plane V3.502 - Generic V3.501 - F1 2013 V3.421

Background Fast Curve Fitting App V1.21


Direct Software Downloads - Updated 17/12/18 - Background Fast Curve Fitting App V1.02

For Thanos'  "actuator kick" firmware fix (new serial packet ID's)


Updated 28/9/18 - Background Fast Curve Fitting App V1.01

For Thanos'  "actuator kick" firmware fix (new serial packet ID's)


Updated 16/8/18 - GPBikes_V3.420 (for GP Bikes Beta 14)


Updated 20/7/17 - F1_2013/DiRT V3.414


Updated 27/4/17 - DCS_V3.414


Updated 23/11/16 - F1_2013/DiRT V3.413


Updated 18/11/16 -  DCS_V3.413


Updated 16/5/16 -  Generic_V3.411 (added x-IMU interface App)


Updated 15/4/16 -  MSFS_V3.411 - X-Plane V3.411 - Aerowinx PSX V3.411

rFactor V3.411 - Assetto Corsa V3.411 - LFS V3.411 - iRacing V3.411 - Generic_V3.411 - Project_CARS_V3.411 - F1_2013/DiRT V3.411 - GPBikes_V3.411


Updated 8/12/15 -  MSFS_V3.406 - X-Plane V3.406 - Aerowinx PSX V3.406

rFactor V3.406 - Assetto Corsa V3.406 - LFS V3.406 - iRacing V3.406 - Generic_V3.406 - Project_CARS_V3.406 - F1_2013/DiRT V3.406 - GPBikes_V3.406

Updated 31/1/13 -  Condor_V3.0Beta9.1


If any of the above are not working you can use this DropBox folder for downloads - DROPBOX


The BFF Motion Driver generates real-time digital position demand signals to drive the movements of a flight (or racing) simulator motion platform. V3 of the Motion Driver generates motion cues for 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) hexapod (Stewart) type platforms.

The V3 motion driver works with Microsoft Flight Sims FS9/X, X-Plane v9.5+, Aerowinx PSX and Condor Soaring. Beta versions are also available for rFactor, Assetto Corsa, F1 2013, Live for Speed and iRacing racing sims plus others. Each Sim has a separate motion driver .exe. A "Generic" version is also available which is not related to any specific flight or racing sim but can be driven by vehicle motion data sent by UDP.

The motion driver assumes all six platform actuators are identical in stroke length and position feedback calibration. The position feedback should be +ve for upwards heave of the platform. The actuator numbering is as shown in the figure below. Actuators 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 form the three pairs. To work with platforms with reversed fore/aft and lateral directions simply reverse the pitch, surge, roll and sway cues in the .bff configuration file using the reverse sense parameters (see the M settings window).

The actuator working ranges are defined in the config file using a scale of 0-255 and the position demand for each actuator is output as a value within the 0-255 range (for 8bit output formats). Higher resolution outputs are also available. The real physical geometry of the platform actuator arrangement is defined in the .bff configuration file - see section 4 for more details. This physical model is used internally by the motion driver to relate output DOF movements to individual actuator extensions.

Actuator Numbering


The position demand output from the motion driver can not be used to drive electric motors directly. This requires speed and direction demand outputs. This normally requires separate closed loop servo drive hardware/software.

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