BFF Motion Driver v3 - Short User Guide

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11. Motion Driver for F1 2013 (and DiRT 3 / Rally & 4) racing sims

A beta version is available for the racing sim F1 2013. The download is on the Introduction page.

NOTE: This version will also run with CodeMaster's DiRT 3 and Rally sim series, but at the time of writing DiRT 3 generates winsock errors when its UDP data output is made active, which will probably stop things for the time being. However if DiRT 3 is patched in the future the motion driver should run with it.....

Update July 2017 -V3.414 now supports Dirt 4.

Update May 2015 - I've upgraded this version (V3.40b2) to now work with the new DiRT Rally. I understand the winsock error described above has been fixed in this version of DiRT.

Access to the racing sim telemetry data is via the sim's telemetry data output via UDP - there are no plugins required.

IMPORTANT: this is BETA software and may contain bugs - please use with care!


Installation of the motion driver is mainly the same as the other versions - see section 2.

To enable the F1 2013 (or DiRT) UDP telemetry data output -

  1. Go to the hardware_settings_config.xml file (usually in the Documents\MyGames\FormulaOne2013\hardwaresettings folder).

  2. Set the motion enabled line to -
    <motion enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="3" />

    NOTE - in Dirt Rally / Dirt 4 the line to be set is slightly different - it is:

    <udp enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="3" />

    Where IP is the IP address of the PC on which the motion driver is running (= if on the same PC as F1 2013)  - this value must match that set for the IPAddress parameter in your motion cue .bff config file.

    Port is the target port for the UDP data - this value must match that set for the PortS parameter in your motion cue .bff config file.

    extradata sets the contents of the UDP data set. To cover most circumstances it may be best to set extradata="3".


The software operation is mainly as described in Section 3 Operation.

Some of the flight sim related features such as heave movement recording due to turbulence etc are not active in the F1 2013 motion driver for obvious reasons.

The default .bff config files in the F1 2013 motion driver zip file contain cue settings better suited to the faster dynamics of the racing car sim. You may wish to experiment with them. Generally because the on-ground vehicle accelerations are held for shorter durations before changing again rapidly there is less need for washouts in the cue, so the sample configs don't use acceleration washouts (other than where they are needed for basic cue development - ie in the heave and yaw cues). The acceleration scaling to fit the cue limits may also need to be adjusted to suit different vehicles.

NOTE: The telemetry UDP data is not available from F1 2013 when the sim is either paused or not in a live driving session. Note that when window focus is moved away from F1 2013 is goes into paused mode which also stops the UDP data flow, so to move the motion driver from Hold to Drive mode whilst F1 2013 is in full screen mode it is best to use the Drive and Hold hot-keys or hot-buttons which are defined in your .bff cue configuration file.

To switch F1 2013 in and out of Full Screen mode use the Alt + Del buttons.

The refresh rate of the motion driver output can be increased up to the data refresh rate of the F1 2013 telemetry data output using .bff configuration file parameter MD_Delay.

UDP Data Forwarding:

Only one application can listen-in to the F1 2013 UDP data output at a time. If you want the motion driver to share the UDP data you can set the software to forward the data on to a further IP address and port.

To do this set the IP_F_target and PortF parameters in your motion cue .bff config file to the IP address and port of the new target location.

Also set the IP_F_this IP address from which the motion driver sends the forwarded data (can be if sending to the same PC or the LAN address of the motion driver PC if sending to a remote PC).

NOTE: the data forwarding arrangements are not required for Dirt Rally - multiple UDP outputs can be set instead. See the sim documentation for details.


If you find any bugs or strange behaviours in the beta version then please let me know.


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