BFF Motion Driver v3 - Short User Guide

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7. X-Plane Data Export Items

NOTE: V3.502 and later of the MSFS version of the motion software will now also support X-Plane. To do this XPUIPC must be installed in X-Plane and the XPUIPC Custom offsets file included in the zip archive should also be installed. This will allow X-Plane integration without using its UDP data output feature. The information below refers to the X-Plane specific version of the motion software...


The X-Plane version of the 6 DOF motion driver runs with X-Plane v9.5 or later (earlier versions are not supported). The driver uses flight data exported by X-Plane using its UDP data export facility. The correct data items must be defined in X-Plane for export, together with the IP Address and receiving port number of the target PC (ie the PC the motion driver is to run on).

To set the data items for export start X-Plane then go to Settings - Net Connections - Inet 3 and set the "IP for Data Output" to the IP Address of the motion driver PC. If the driver and X-Plane are running on the same PC then set the IP Address to

Under the same settings set the port number of the data receiver to 48001, this is the default used in the .bff config file, you change this if required.

Tick the IP of data receiver check box, then close the Net Connections window.

Now open the Settings - Data Input & Output window and tick the first check box on the following data items:

For X-Plane v9: 1, 3, 4, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 37, 66 and 127.

For X-Plane v10: 1, 3, 4, 13, 14, 16, 17, 21, 37, 66 and 127. (DO NOT TICK ITEM 18)

This adds the selected data items to the UDP data packet.

Set the UDP data rate at the bottom right of the window. This defines the frequency of the data export. Ideally it should be marginally faster than the loop rate of the motion driver. I suggest something like 40 sets/sec. If the motion driver is routinely indicating that it is waiting for data this data rate can be increased or the motion driver loop speed can be decreased by increasing the length of the inserted pause using the MD_Delay parameter in the motion driver .bff config file.

The data rates might need some experimenting on your system. More powerful PC's will be better able to support good X-Plane frame rates and motion driver loop speeds simultaneously. If you can't achieve satisfactory rates on an older PC then it may be best to run the motion driver on a LAN PC so that it and the flight sim are not fighting for system resources.

Please note X-Plane v10 is fairly CPU intensive - the motion driver may not run smoothly on the same PC as V10 unless it is a fairly high spec machine and enough CPU resource is available for the motion driver.

For X-Plane v11: Use the same data items as per v10 (see above). They are now in the Settings/Data Output/General Data Output window - tick the items in the Network via UDP column.

And on the same Settings/Data Output window set the IP Address and Port of the receiving 6 DOF software. Eg and 48001 for the default arrangement of 6 DOF motion software on the same PC as X-Plane.



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