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9. User Guide Revisions

14/1/15 - Added Appendix D for Heavy Jet mode 1. Added V1.210 link and updated software revisions doc. Added Section 11 Miscellaneous Config Parameters

23/1/14 - Added Appendix C for Helicopter cyclic control loading mode. Added V1.20 link and updated software revisions doc.

7/10/13 - Added additional comments on control movement input to FS when in dual electrically linked mode to Appendix B.

12/9/13 - Added additional comments on FS control movement calibration to Appendix A.

12/6/13 - Added Appendix B - electrical linking of dual control stations.

7/6/13 - Various sections updated to match release of v1.10 software. Added Appendix A - Configuring for "potentiometer-less" operation.

14/1/13 - Various sections updated to match release of v1.07 software. Includes update of Section 7 trim.

20/7/12 - Various sections updated to match first non-beta release of the software.

28/6/12 - vbeta4.91 of the CL software adds support for Lockheed Martin P3D - various additions made to the user guide.

Added information on the configuration file name command line parameter to the Operation section.

10/12/11 - Updated Trim section to explain settings in Pry_S.cfg file for trim input methods.

30/9/11 - First release of on-line version of guide.

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