BFF CL Software - Short User Guide


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Appendix A. Axis Position Feed to FS

By default the CL software will write control axis position data (elevator, aileron and rudder) directly to the flight sim software via FSUIPC/XPUIPC.

The position data is derived from the motor encoder positions. Moving the flight controls will then also move the controls within the flight sim.

In this mode the flight sim should not have other position inputs enabled (for example from separate joystick card potentiometers) otherwise the two feeds will interfere with each other and the sim controls will jitter. So axis position input joystick assignments should be disabled in FS.

Also note that using the default encoder position feed from the CL software also allows the CL system to selectively disable axis inputs when required for its different flight mode operations.

If you wish to use position potentiometers and not the position feed from the CL software the encoder position feed can be disabled in Config Mngr Tab 5 Item 2 (will also set item 27).

To invert axis movement use Tab 5 Items 28-30.


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