BFF Motion Driver v2 - Short User Guide


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2. Software Installation

The software installation is straight forward - no registry entries are made or changed.

Download the zip package for the motion driver version for the flight sim you wish to use (links on the Introduction page). Unzip the package into a dedicated directory. Do not mix the files from different driver versions and do not remove any files from the directory.

To uninstall the software simply delete the directory.

For MS sims (FS9/X) and Lockheed MartinŽ Prepar3DŽ you will need an up-to-date version of FSUIPC installed for the FS version you are using. FSUIPC3 for FS9 and FSUIPC4 for FSX/Prepar3DŽ. Please read carefully Pete Dowson's installation procedures especially those for FSX – they can be found on his forum which is accessible from the FSUIPC web page -

Your copy of FSUIPC does not need to be registered to run the BFF Motion Driver (although I suggest you do as it enables a number of useful features).

For MSFS & Falcon versions-

Normally the motion driver package should be unzipped to a dedicated directory on the same machine as FS is running. However if you are operating the driver over a network it should be installed on the LAN PC and the BFF Motion Bridge software must be installed on the sim PC – the Bridge .exe is included in a separate zip file in the main zip archive and this Bridge zip file must be copied to the sim PC and its files extracted to a dedicated directory.

The Bridge.cfg configuration file on the sim PC must be edited to set the IP addresses of the sim and networked PC's and the PortS and IPAddress settings must be configured in the .bff driver configuration file on the LAN PC.

For X-Plane and Condor Soaring versions -

For these sims BFF Motion Bridge is not required for LAN operation. The driver receives data directly from X-Plane/Condor using UDP protocols. It is necessary however to set up the data outputs in X-Plane and this is described in Section 7. The driver package should be installed on the machine on which you want it to run.

See the Condor quick start guide for setup steps for the Condor Soaring version of the driver.

See Section 7 for the data export settings in X-Plane that are needed.


The motion driver folder contains the main .exe's for the software along with sample .bff configuration files and other files used by the program.

To run the motion driver software double click on the BFF_Motion_Driver .exe.

To use the .bff configuration file setup programs double click on the appropriate Driver_Setup .exes - there is one for each of two types of platform supported by the software.

The sample .bff configuration files can be used as a start point for your system configuration. Use one that matches your type of platform.  These .bff files are text files and can be edited manually using a text editor such as NotePad.

The PID26.cfg file is the configuration file used by the BFF PID Servo Controller.

The BFF Motion Bridge software is in its own .zip archive in the folder. If you are running the motion driver on a LAN PC this zip archive needs to be copied to the flight sim PC and installed there.


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