BFF Motion Driver v2 - Short User Guide


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15. Use with Dimension Engineering Controllers

PLEASE NOTE V2.80 of the MSFS version of the motion driver adds an interface for Dimension Engineering's Kangaroo motion controller modules. The Kangaroo adds closed loop position feedback capability to both Syren and Sabertooth controllers. The new interface allows the motion cue (actuator position demand) output from the motion driver to be sent directly to the Kangaroos and therefore provides an alternative method for building your platform drive using Dimension Engineering hardware alone.

For more details of the Kangaroo interface see Section 18 

The default motor speed controller for use with the PID Servo Controller software and 64SPU-1 hardware is Devantech's MD03 24V 20Amp controller.

Dimension Engineering SyRen and Sabertooth controllers can also be used. The Sabertooth 2x60 is of particular interest because of its higher voltage and current ratings and may be an interesting choice for platform that require a heavier drive system.

For details see the Sabertooth Quick Start Guide.


16. Use with Dyadic SCN5 Linear Actuators

SCN5 actuators contain a built-in closed loop servo drive and can be driven directly from the BFF Motion Driver. Their operation does NOT require the PID servo Controller software and 64SPU-1 hardware.

They have fairly limited force capacity and might be best suited to 2 DOF motion seat drives.

See the SCN5 Quick Start Guide for more details.


17. PID Servo Controller / 64SPU-1 use with X-Sim

An X-Sim compatible beta version of the PID Servo Controller is available which allows the 64SPU-1 to run with X-Sim rather than the BFF Motion Driver.

The beta software takes its motion cues from the shared memory area of X-Sim. There is a limit on the update speed for this data which effectively renders the Derivative term of the PID control algorithm unusable. However the P and I terms are still operational.

The X-Sim compatible PID Servo Controller Beta download is here.

Read the X-Sim Quick Start Guide for more details.

DO install the X-Sim compatible PID servo Controller in its own directory - do not mix the files from different versions.

Here are a couple of X-Sim profiles for rFactor sent to me by a user for use with the X-Sim compatible PID Servo Controller - rFactor Profiles. Thanks to Glen White for these.

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