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Appendix 1. Running two instances of the software

Version 1.2 or later of the Shaker software allows two copies of the software to be run at the same time. This allows two BSH-DRV-1 cards to be run simultaneously with different vibration tunings.

The 2nd BSH-DRV-1 card should be connected to the PC using a 2nd USB/TTL cable.

To start the second copy of the software just double click the .exe as normal; the software will automatically detect if it is the 2nd copy and will display in a darker colour (see image).

In order to prevent COM port clashes the 2nd copy will need to open a different cfg file in which at least the COM port setting must be different. It should be the COM port for the USB/TTL cable used to connect the 2nd BSH-DRV-1 card.

The two instances of the software will share the same log files.

Operation is the same as normal - the buttons on each copy should be operated separately. However if the same ON/OFF hot buttons are specified in the cfg files then both copies will follow those buttons and will switch ON/OFF together.

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