BFF Shaker Software - Short User Guide

BFF Shaker Software User Guide - Contents

1. Introduction & Installation

2. Vibration Configuration Settings

3. Operation

4. X-Plane Settings

5. User Guide Revisions

6. Software Revisions & Latest Firmware


App 1. Running 2 copies of the software at the same time

App 2. Air Turbulence Vibration

App 3. Engine Resonance Effects


Updated 27/8/21 - V1.57


Updated 27/2/19 - V1.55

Updated 8/6/18 - V1.5 (Support for new BSH-DRV-2 card + new features)

20/2/18 -  V1.4e (beta - air turbulence support for X-Plane)

Updated 13/2/18 -  V1.4d (beta)

Updated 2/9/16 -  V1.2 

Updated 24/4/15 -  VBeta26

Updated 1/7/13 -  VBeta25


NEW BSH-DRV-2 -  card web page      BSH-DRV-2 card Data Sheet


Older BSH-DRV-1 Card -  card web page      BSH-DRV-1 card Data Sheet

Older BFF Shaker system web page         BFF SHKR-1 card Data Sheet



Introduction & Installation

IMPORTANT - The BFF Shaker software works with the BFF shaker cards; either the BSH-DRV-2 or  BSH-DRV-1 cards, or the older SHKR-1 card to generate vibration / rumble effects for simulator flight cockpits. For details of the required hardware please see the BSH-DRV-2 and BFF SHKR-1 card web pages and user documentation.

The BFF Shaker software runs with MS FS9/X (also Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®) and X-Plane v11+.

Installation is simply by unpacking the contents of the Zip package into a dedicated folder on your PC. The software does not write any values to registry, so to delete the software just delete the installation folder. Run the programs from this folder, or create shortcuts which point to the folder - DO NOT remove the files from the folder to run them.

To use with FS9/X or P3D, FSUIPC needs to be installed. Use the latest version and follow carefully Pete Dowson's installation instructions. See

To use with X-Plane, XPUIPC v1.9.0 or later needs to be installed and a customised XPUIPC_offsets.cfg file copied to the X-Plane XPUIPC folder. Follow the instructions in the XPUIPC documentation. See also section 6 for other important information. See

If you can't get to the XPUIPC website here's DropBox links for XPUIPC - V1.9 and V2.0

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