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6. Software Revisions


2/9/16 - V1.2

  • Added support for the BSH-DRV-1 bass shaker driver card.
  • Added dual instance operation to allow two BSH-DRV-1 cards to be run simultaneously with different vibration settings. See Appendix 1.
  • Added parameter Pause_Enable to cfg file. This sets the vibration output behaviour (ON/OFF) when the flight sim pauses.
  • Improved LAN operation; software now does not prompt for confirmation when LAN operation is active.
  • Improved command line argument function when passing cfg file name.


24/4/15 - Beta26

  • Added hot buttons for remote ON/OFF control. See parameters Joy_But, But_Drive and But_Hold in the Setup section of the config files.

    This allows buttons on a USB joystick to be set to control ON & OFF remotely. The GUI button LS lists the current joystick on the system by number - to provide assistance when setting parameter Joy_But.

    These parameters must be set manually in the configuration file.

1/7/13 - Beta25

  • Modified error flag reporting for Pololu driver card errors...

19/4/13 - Beta24

  • Added flap transition rumble - uses gear transition rumble settings but operates at half the magnitude.
  • Corrected runway bump start/stop issues when aircraft changed.
  • Updated/added config files.
  • Corrected engine rpm calculations - now differentiates between prop and turbine type engines.
  • Set auto-OFF when aircraft goes into crashed or slew mode (FS).
  • Other small fixes....

12/4/13 - Beta23

  • Corrected vibration scaler sent to cards - B22 produced overly strong amplitudes.
  • Added preliminary support for X-Plane - NB XPUIPC offsets.cfg file must be copied to plugins folder.

12/4/13 - First release of BFF Shaker Beta22 software.


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