BFF CL Software - Short User Guide

BFF Control Loader software

Configuration Manager - new with the V1.3 release

BFF CL Software User Guide - Contents (For V1.3 + Configuration Manager)

1. Introduction & Installation

2. FFB Configuration Settings

3. Operation

4. Force Tuning

5. Data Output Format

6. X-Plane Settings

7. Important Notes on Trim

   7.1 Trim Indicator Output Options

8. Auto-Pilot Following

9. User Guide Revisions

10. CL Software Revisions

11. Miscellaneous Settings


Appendix A. Configuring the CL system for "Potentiometer-less" operation (now the DEFAULT mode).

Appendix B. Configuring electrical linking of dual control stations.

Appendix C. Configuring helicopter cyclic control loading mode.

Appendix D. Heavy Jet Mode 1

Appendix E. Sim Avionics Mode

Appendix F. Using with ProSim 737

Appendix G. Failure Mode Loading

Appendix H. Stick Pusher

Appendix I. BFF Motorised Trim Wheel




Software Download     


UPDATE 26/3/21 - V1.347 Please use this V1.347 with FSUIPC V7 (eg for BLDRV2 cards and MS2020) -


Updated 16/11/17 -  V1.322 Release 3 (Background process update only - display bug fix)


IMPORTANT - For previous versions see below. The previous version of the On-Line User Guide (with references to the old Setup Application) is here


10/11/17 -  V1.322 Release 2 (Background process and Config Mngr bug fixes)

22/9/17 -  V1.322 (Added support for automatic power-up calibration - APUC)

21/7/17 -  V1.321 Release 2 (Background process updated only)

27/4/17 -  V1.320

27/9/16 -  V1.318

26/9/16 -  V1.317_Release_2 (Background process to V1.533 - bug fixes)

15/9/16 -  V1.317

15/8/16 -  V1.316

17/5/16 -  V1.315 Release 2 (Rel 2 - updated Config Mngr to V1.12, no other changes)

15/2/16 - V1.314 Release 2

3/2/16 - V1.314 Release 1

4/9/15 - V1.300  (Release 4)

16/6/15 -  V1.210 with background process v1.310 (no change other than added missing dll)


If any of the above are not working you can use this DropBox folder for downloads - DROPBOX


Introduction & Installation

IMPORTANT - The BFF Control Loader software operates with BLDRV brushless motor driver cards in properly designed and built simulator flight control systems. Before using the software please ensure that your BLDRV drive system has been properly set up and commissioned, and has been tested using the BFF Driver Test application in accordance with the project instructions. For details of the project documentation see here, and for details of the BLDRV cards see here.

The BFF Control Loader software runs with MS FS9/X (also Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®) and X-Plane v10+. There are separate versions of the CL software for MSFS and X-Plane; both versions are included in the download zip archive.

The BFF Control Loader V1.3+ software consists of two main applications. The Configuration Manager is used for system setup. BFF Control Loader is the control loading driver software.


Installation is simply by unpacking the contents of the Zip package into a dedicated folder on your PC. The software does not write any values to registry, so to delete the software just delete the installation folder. Run the programs from this folder, or create shortcuts which point to the folder - DO NOT remove the files from the folder to run them.

DO NOT mix the files from new and old installs - always unzip the new software into a new folder.

Existing users will notice the V1.3 release uses a new folder structure. The new Configuration Manager has its own folder, and the Driver Test app now has its own folder within the main CL software folder.

The aircraft .cfg files containing the control loading settings are now in their own folder in the Configuration Manager sub-folder.


If you are upgrading from a pre V1.3 version then do not mix the configuration files of the new and old versions. Unzip the new version into its own folder. Then run the Configuration Manager  in the new installation and use the IMPORT button to import the settings from your previous installation.

This will copy across your previous settings and update them for use with the new software.

The Import button will also work if you are upgrading from one V1.3 version to another.


To use with FS9/X or P3D, FSUIPC needs to be installed. Use the latest version and follow carefully Pete Dowson's installation instructions. See

To use with X-Plane, XPUIPC v1.9.0 or later needs to be installed and the customised XPUIPC_offsets.cfg file in the zip package should be copied to the X-Plane XPUIPC folder. Follow the instructions in the XPUIPC documentation. See also section 6 for other important information. See

If you can't get to the XPUIPC website here's DropBox links for XPUIPC - V1.9 and V2.0


NOTE for Windows 7 the GUI text may not display properly if the desktop text size is set to larger than the default 100%.


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