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BFF Simulation - News



Aug '19 - There's now a "Feeder" app available for the CL_Controller which provides simple loading for Steering Tiller and Toe Brakes as additional CL system axes. The Feeder app uses the new UDP user input loading mode described below. More details here....


July '19 - I've released a new CL Controller application which combines the loading test features of the Driver Test App and a new UDP user input loading mode. This will allow users/software developers to write their own CL software or software for specialised control axes and drive the CL system cards.



Dec '18 - Bass shaker and motorised trim wheel card availability - good news! My component supplier has come through and I now have some stock of the main drive chip used on these cards - they are available again to order on the order page.


Nov '18 - I've now released a new generation of the flight control loader drive cards. These now replace the CL_SPU & BLDRV2 cards (although these are still available for users looking for spares or replacements).

The new CL_SPU_USB  and BLDRV3 cards have a number of improvements including direct USB comms and support for a wider range of 3 phase servo motors. The new suggested motors should be easier to obtain than the current MB082 motors. For more details follow the link...


Oct '18 - A quick note on the bass shaker and motorised trim wheel availability. There is a global shortage of the main Texas Instruments drive chip used on both these cards and I've had to suspend sales of the cards until I can secure stock. I hope to have some chips early December, but this depends on stockists receiving them from the manufacturer. Sorry for the unavailability...


June '18 - A NEW version of the BSH-DRV bass shaker driver card is now available. The new BSH-DRV-2 card uses an improved micro-controller and direct USB comms. The new release of the BFF Shaker software adds several new vibration features - see the BSH-DRV-2 card page for more details....


Sept '17 - The CL system driver cards now have a new automatic power-up calibration feature. I've added new options which allow the cards to drive the controls automatically on power-up to establish the position and range calibration needed for full brushless motor commutation. Previously this was done by the user with manual control movements. For more details see the APUC option document and this quick video clip.


V1.322 or later is required to support the new APUC features.


July '17 - The BFF Motorised Trim Wheel driver card and 3D printed parts are now available. More details are on the MTW page here...


June '17 - News of some more development work. This time on a new motorised trim wheel for GA type sims. More details on the BFF Motorised Trim Wheel page....


Dec '16 - At last I've found some time to do some development work... I've been looking at an easier to build DIY FFB flight yoke made using OpenBeam aluminium extrusions and 3D printed parts. It's been going well - more details on the OpenBeam Flight Yoke here....


Nov '16 - A new version of the 6DOF motion software is now available. This one for Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). See Section 20 of the online user guide for details.


Sept '16 - The BSH-DRV-1 Bass Shaker Driver is now available. Follow the order page links on the BSH-DRV-1 web page for pricing and availability.....


June '16 - Here's a link to some details of the forthcoming BFF Bass Shaker Driver. this is a direct driver card for bass shakers and electric motor based vibration units. Not yet available but here are some details in the meantime....


May '16 - I've added an interface to the 6 DOF Motion Software Generic version for the X-IMU inertial measurement unit. This allows real-time  vehicle motion to be sensed and sent to the motion software. More details in the online user guide here...


April '16 - Updated versions of the 6DOF Motion Software available. Downloads here as usual....


February '16 - Updated version of the CL software is available. V1.310 adds support for Sim-Avionics and ProSim for heavy jets. It also adds Failure Mode loading, also of interest to heavy jet sim builders. Various updates to the Configuration Manager also... See the CL Software user guide for more details.


January '16 - I've release an updated version if the control loader (FFB) system motor driver. The new driver is a modular system with a separate PC communications and control cards (the CL_SPU) and plugin brushless motor drivers (the BLDRV2-24). The new driver removes the old serial data daisy chain connections, simplifies the system wiring and provides sharper PC comms through the single PC connection. It also improves card programmability by reducing the need for firmware reflashing. Details are available here.


December '15 - Updated the 6 DOF Motion Software versions to V3.406 with various small updates and fixes. See the updates section of the online user guide.


August '15 - Updated version of the CL software is available. V1.3 add a new Configuration Manager which brings all the CL system settings into the same set up application. It also provides better descriptions of settings and links. V1.3 also add support for the future generation of CL system motor driver cards (as used in the BFF FFB Cube). Download and details in the On-Line User Guide as usual...


August '15 - I've added a new version of the 6 DOF Motion Software - this one for the heavy jet flight simulator Aerowinx PSX. More details in the On-Line User Guide. There are also small updates to the other 6 DOF versions - to add a new Auto_Start function. See the updates section of the guide.


June '15 - I've posted a couple of new projects in the Gallery page. One is some work currently on the go on the new pre-built control loader (FFB) drive. The BFF FFB Cube is described in a bit more detail here... The second is a case study on a recent commercial installation of the Control Loader system in Canada.


May '15 - NEW 6DOF motion software version is now available - this one for the car racing sim Project_CARS. Check the online user guide for more details - Section 16.


March '15 - NEW 6DOF motion software version - this one for the motorcycle racing sim GPBikes. Check the online user guide for more details - Section 15.


March '15 - NEW 3 DOF platform drive 64SPU-2 card released. This combines the function of the earlier 64SPU-1, 12ADC-1 12bit feedback and I2C Isolator cards in a single board. Supplied complete with FTDI chipset USB/TTL cable and external logic power switch it reduces cost and simplifies system wiring and operation.


March '15 - 6DOF Motion Software raised to V3.3 to add new slider based cue tuning interface. This provides a more intuitive way of tuning the motion cues, although the advanced settings parameters are also still available. See the online guide for more information....


Jan '15 - CL software upgraded to V1.210. See online guide for more details.


Oct '14 - I've made available a beta versions of the 3DOF & 6DOF motion drivers for racing sim rFactor - see the 3DOF Online User Guide  and 6DOF User Guide for downloads and details. 6DOF drivers for Assetto Corsa, F1 2013, LFS and iRacing racing sims are also now available.


July '14 - USB Dongle portable software licensing is now available on the Force Feedback and 6 DOF motion software.


Jan '14 - I've added a helicopter cyclic control loading mode to the flight control FFB system - see here.


Jan '14 - I've also now added an experimental Kangaroo interface to the 6 DOF motion platform software - see Section 8 of the user guide.....


Jan '14 - V2.80 of the 3 DOF Motion Driver software for motion platforms adds an interface for  Dimension Engineering's Kangaroo motion control modules. See Section 18 of the on-line user guide for more detail....


Sept '13 - A bit of fun - a FFB steering wheel.





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