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Shaker Card - Firmware

Firmware Update Procedure


Current Firmware: Beta22 (1st Oct 2013)


Change Log:


B22 - Corrected intermittent spikes appearing in PWM3 & 4 outputs.


Update Procedure:


1. Download the above firmware and unzip the two .bas files to your PC. The files contain the programs for the master and slave chips - see image.


2. Download and install the PICAXE Programming Editor software from the PICAXE web site here:


3. Remove power from the shaker card. Remove power from your Pololu driver and disconnect any other audio feeds.


4. Start the PICAXE Programming Editor. Go to Options-Serial Port and set the COM port to the port number for your cable to the shaker card.


5. Put the SHKR-1 card into programming mode by changing the jumper settings on 5 pin header JMP-1 (H in picture above). In normal mode pins 2 & 3 are connected on this header. For programming mode pins 1 & 2 are connected, and pins 4 & 5 are connected. You will need another jumper link to do this.


6. Carefully remove the "Slave" chip from its socket. In programming mode only the "Master" socket can be used to program the chips. Leave the "Master" chip in place. You will re-program the old master chip as the new Slave.


7. In the Programming Editor go to File-Open and select and open the new Slave .bas file. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE FILE.


8. Apply power to the card (logic end only - NOT Pololu driver power).


9. Click Program - a progress bar should appear and show the programming status, the editor will indicate completion.


(If the editor can't make contact with the chip you may have to do a "hard reset" - to do this remove power from the card, click Program again - and then immediately re-apply power to the card. This should force the chip into programming mode).


10. When complete the newly programmed chip is now the new Slave - remove it from the socket and set it aside.


11. Now fit the other chip to the master socket and repeat the above programming steps - but this time load the Master .bas file into the programming editor. (Note the correct orientation of the chip - the location dot on the chip surface should be closest to the 5-pin header (H) end of the socket.)


12. Once programming is complete this chip is the new Master chip and can be left where it is - in the master socket. Remove power from the card and fit the new Slave chip to the other socket - make sure of the correct orientation of the chip.


13. Close the Programming Editor.


14. Return the 5 pin header JMP-1 (H) to normal operation mode by fitting a single jumper to pins 2 & 3.


You can now run the SHKR-1 card with its new firmware.






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