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Motion System Drive Hardware

DIY Motion Platform Servo Drive System Cards


The ready-built DIY motion drive system cards that are currently available are listed below. These are all available to buy now. Prices and discounted bundles can be found on the order page.


Related Motion Drive Software can be downloaded here.


Follow the links for more detailed information on the hardware and for up-to-date data sheets. If you wish to use the hardware please read the data sheets carefully - they contain a lot of important and necessary information on how to use the cards.


Further down you can find links to related documentation such as wiring diagrams and software guides.


Hardware & Data Sheets

64SPU-2 is now RETIRED and is no longer available

64SPU-2 Motion Platform Controller


BFF 64SPU-2 Signal Processor

64SPU-2 Signal Processor Unit

The main system card - operates with the BFF Motion Driver and PID Servo Controller software.

(This card supersedes the older 64SPU-1, 12ADC-1 and I2C Isolator cards)

Click for more details and system information.

Latest 64SPU-2 Data Sheet

Click here for force feedback control cards

Superseded Cards - Now Retired

64SPU-1 Motion Platform Controller

BFF 64SPU-1 Signal Processor

64SPU-1 Signal Processor Unit - Now Retired

The main system card - operates with the BFF Motion Driver and PID Servo Controller software.

Click for more details and system information.

12ADC-1 12bit ADC Card

12ADC-1 12bit ADC Card

12ADC-1 12bit Analog to Digital Converter card - Now Retired


12bit pot feedback converter card - upgrade the 64SPU-1's native 10bit feedback to 12bit resolution and increase the system refresh rate.


Click for more details


Latest 12ADC-1 Data Sheet

BFF I2C Isolator card

I2C Isolator Card - Now Retired

For noise protection of the 64SPU-1 on electrically noisy servo systems.

Click for more details

Latest I2C Isolator Data Sheet


Related Documentation

System Wiring (with MD03 controllers)


pdf download


System Wiring - with Sabertooth Controllers

System Wiring - with SyRen Controllers

Using Sabertooth Controllers - Quick Start Guide


BFF Motion Driver v2.6 Online User Guide

BFF Motion Driver v2.41 User Manual

BFF Motion Driver v2.6beta - Change List

Using Dyadic SCN5 Linear Actuators - Quick Start


BFF Motion Drive Power Calculator

BFF Control Loader Software


pdf download            more details

pdf download

pdf download


Web Page

v2.41 User Manual    more details

V2.6 Change List 

pdf download            more details


pdf download            more details

Online User Guide     more details




Superseded System Wiring (Basic with MD03 controllers)

Superseded System Wiring - with I2C isolator card

Superseded 64SPU-1 Wiring with 12ADC-1 12bit converter card

Superseded 40SPU-1 - data sheet

pdf download

jpeg image

see 12ADC-1 Data Sheet

pdf download






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