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DIY Force Feedback Rudder Pedals

Future Project - FFB (Control Loader) Rudder Pedals

Force Feedback Rudder Pedals

Preliminary designs for DIY FFB Rudder Pedals. See Below for updated design....


BFF FFB Rudder pedals

As a sister project to the DIY FFB Flight Yoke I've been looking at the design of a set of generic force feedback rudder pedals.


The design is shown on the right. The pedals would have a force output of approximately 23 kgf (50 lbs) and a movement of approximately 150 mm.


An interesting task in this design was to achieve the fairly large gearing ratio required between the brushless motor shaft and the foot pedals without using an expensive gearbox. To do this I've used a toothed belt driving a torque wheel segment; the ratio of the segment radius to the motor shaft pulley radius lifts the drive torque by about 16:1. Further uplift is obtained by the positioning of the connecting rods.


The foot pedals are in steel, and the wide stable base structure is timber - so lots of scope for securing the pedals to the simulator cockpit structure.


The design also allows for the future addition of toe brakes, and for mechanical linking between pedal sets in a dual control setup.


The pedals will use the same smooth brushless motor drive used for the FFB yoke and will pick up the rudder output channel from the BFF CL Software.


I'll post more details when I have them.


UPDATE Jan '15


It's been a while..... I've re-jigged the pedal design to suit a small sim I'm building for myself. In this design I've gone for a 16:1 planetary gear head on the motor to deliver the required torque uplift. An the pedals will be mounted inverted - suspended from above as this suits my layout better.


Here's an image... it's a much simpler design to build.




UPDATE June '15


I've completed the build of the new design pedals and have fitted them to my small generic GA sim for testing. Here's a couple of photos...


BFF FFB Rudder pedals         BFF FFB Rudder pedals



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