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DIY Force Feedback Flight Yoke

DIY Force Feedback Flight Yoke - Page 2



Here's some links to YouTube videos of the force feedback yoke in use - click on the image to open a YouTube window.....


Trimming for varying airspeed - as airspeed increases the GA aircraft nose tends to rise and increasing forward force is required on the elevator axis to keep the flight level. This force can become quite large - it can be trimmed out to bring the controls into balance at the new speed.
Auto-Pilot following mode - the FFB system can drive the control axis to follow AP control actions when the AP is engaged. Disengagement can be by displacing the controls sliughtly.
Auto-Pilot following mode in stormy weather - much more movement is apparent as the AP works harder to maintain course in the turbulence....
In-air behaviours - changes of force feel with varying airspeeds.
Approach and landing - showing control stiffness reducing as airspeed reduces, runway vibration on landing and return to unloaded feel as aircraft comes to rest.

Elevator deadweight effects - aircraft stationary on the runway

Effect of propwash on elevator control forces - aircraft stationary on the runway

FFB yoke force feel changes during takeoff - with quick illustration of trimming effects.
Force feel during stall - (programmed yoke vibration)





























































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