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DIY Motion Platform 2 - Page 3

DIY 3DOF Motion Platform 2

 3-DOF Platform 2

See below for drawings.

PAGE 1 is here    PAGE 2 is here


To try the platform out I rigged up a screen support structure at the front and a temporary fabric cover to enclose the cockpit and tried some flights.


Overall the motion seems effective, forward accelerations and braking effects are cued as expected. Roll motions and tilting to simulate cornering accelerations are also effective. The platform is active in heave and flying in stormy weather produces a lot of movement which, with the joystick on your knee, makes the flight difficult to control!


The bungee cord support mechanism works well in balancing the moving weight of the platform. And as I described in a previous page there is some sideways motion although this generally isn't very noticeable when you are in the cockpit.


The DIY actuators seem to work effectively although they did develop some chain slack as the working loads settled their structure/bearings/housings. I implemented simple chain tensioners on the actuators which allow any chain slack that develops to be removed without re-setting the bearing housings. These are now in v2 of the DIY Actuator plans.



The main issue that remains with the actuators is the backlash in the drive motor gearboxes - these are low cost motors and under frequently reversing force direction duty (eg when there is continuous heave motion due to turbulence effects) I could feel the backlash in the gearboxes. This could be reduced by making the load support mechanism less effective - ie by taking it out of balance slightly so that there is a positive load on the actuators most of the time. This calls for some experimenting. Otherwise changing the gearing in the motors is a further option or, if cost is not an issue, using higher spec gearboxes.




For interested builders I've made up a set of basic dimensioned drawings of the platform parts free of charge and for information purposes - they might provide some ideas for your own builds. Note the pdfs are password protected and the password is: platform


DIY Motion Platform


DIY Motion Platform Overview

DIY Motion Platform Base


DIY Motion Platform Base

DIY Motion Platform Guides

Guide Boxes

DIY Motion Platform Guide Boxes

DIY Motion Platform Legs


DIY Motion Platform LegsDIY Motion Platform Legs

DIY Motion Platform Gimbal


DIY Motion Platform Gimbal

DIY Motion Platform - Seating Platform


DIY Motion PlatformDIY Motion Platform

DIY Motion Platform Footwell


DIY Motion Platform Footwell

DIY Motion Platform Actuators

DIY Linear Actuators

Bundled With V2 Motion Software

AND they are included in the Full Download Plans Set available from the plans order page.


I have done my best to make the drawings accurate, however it is entirely possible that they may contain errors or mistakes. If you find any please let me know so I can fix them.





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