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BFF MTW Purchase

STPDRV-2 Card & 3D Printed Components



STPDRV-2 Card with USB Cable

BFF Motorised Trim Wheel Driver Card


3D Printed Parts

BFF Motorised Trim Wheel 3D Printed Parts

Click here for details of the BFF Motorised Trim Wheel


The card and 3D printed parts can be ordered from the Order Page here.




The stepper driver card for the motorised trim wheel is available for GBP84.50 + P&P


Included in the price is a USB cable and the pluggable screw terminals.


STPDRV-2 Datasheet




3D Printed Parts


The set of 3D printed parts for the MTW is available for GBP94.50 + P&P


The set includes all the printed components required for the build, fasteners for the assembly and a 12 mm clamp collar to secure the wheel hub to the stepper motor shaft (fits in hub).


The parts are printed in Zortrax Z-HIPS material and have a matt black finish.


The wheel hub and the position feedback pot gear come finish drilled to suit the stepper motor and pot shaft sizes (5mm & 6.35mm respectively).


If you wish to try printing your own then .STL files are available on the main trim wheel page here.


There is over 20 hours of printing time in the set, so orders for the 3D parts will take a little longer to deliver - approx 1 to 2 weeks.


Note also that the surface finish on the parts is typical of 3D printed parts.




Other Components


To complete the project you will need to purchase the remaining parts yourself. They are:

  • Stepper Motor: Mercury Motor SM-42BYG011-25, see

  • Position feedback potentiometer: Vishay Spectrol Model 534 (10 turn, 10KOhm, Linear)

  • Indicator Servo: Any good quality 9g micro-servo, for example:

    Check it can handle the 0.8ms to 2.2ms pulse length range output by the STPDRV-1 card - most can do this.

  • Extension cable for 9g servo - if you wish to mount the STPDRV-1 card a bit further away from the wheel.

  • 24V 1 Amp regulated DC supply for the stepper driver card.

  • 5V 0.5 to 1 Amp regulated supply for the indicator servo drive.

  • Single Pole Double Throw electric trim button (if required)

  • 3 Core small signal cable for the position feedback pot and trim button wiring (approx 1m length).










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