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CL Controller Software

CL Controller App - 3rd Party Software Control


BFF CL Controller

BFF CL Controller software


The software is now included in the main CL software download zip here:

BFF CL Software

CL Controller App


The new CL Controller App provides test loading functions for the setup and commissioning stage of the CL drive build (similar to the existing Driver Test App).


CL Controller PDF User Guide


It also provides a new loading data input mode which allows 3rd party software to drive and control the CL system via the CL_SPU_USB and BLDRV3 driver cards.


The new data input is via UDP. For further details of the UDP data formats see the CL Software online user guide here...


The external force feed mode allows 3rd party software to be developed either as an alternative to the main Control Loader software or to provide additional specialised force-feedback axes such as helicopter collective, heavy jet steering tiller or brakes. To do this the CL Controller can drive an additional CL_SPU_USB card with up to three BLDRV3 motor driver cards.


BFF CL Controller Tiller Feeder

BFF CL Controller

Tiller Feeder App


Tiller/Toe Brake Feeder Quick Start Guide


By way of example a simple Steering Tiller "feeder" app is included in the CL Controller download zip. It runs with FSX/P3D or X-Plane.


Tiller / Toe Brake Feeder App


The Tiller Feeder App generates simple tiller axis loading and provides an interesting substitute for a passive spring centred tiller. It also now provides loading for Toe Brakes (requires recent BLDRV3 card firmware).


In its simple model the generated steering force varies inversely with aircraft taxiing speed; so the steering feel gets heavier as the speed reduces. Maximum and minimum stiffness, friction and damping levels can be set. Some runway vibration effects are also generated by the app.


The toe Brakes are modelled as a simple spring response with damping and friction. Return to endstop mode can be configured in recent BLDRV3 cards as can a 2 stage spring response if required. These modes are a better match for brake pedals than the normal return to mid loading used on most control axes.


The feeder app feeds tiller loading data via the CL Controller to axis 1 on the CL drive connected to the CL Controller. Toe Brake loading is fed to axes 2 & 3. This drive must be in addition to any CL cards already driven by the main BFF CL Software if it is present.


FSUIPC is used for comms with FSX (or derived sims). For use with X-Plane XPUIPC is required. If you can't get to the XPUIPC website here's DropBox links for XPUIPC - V1.9 and V2.0





BFF CL Controller

UDP Data Display

UDP Data Display


To assist software development the CL Controller provides a UDP data inspection window which displays the UDP data received by the app and also displays the UDP return data packets sent back by the CL Controller to the 3rd Party software.


This allows UDP data flow to be confirmed and the loading components inspected before they are

sent on to the live motor drives.


Data is displayed for each of up to 3 axes.


The return data exported by the CL Controller includes data on axis positions, torques, card and loading status. The axis positions can be used by the feeder app to further control axis positions in the sim software.








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