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Modular Control Loader Driver

BFF modular CL system brushless motor driver

Updated - Sept 2017

BFF  Brushless Force Feedback Controller

 BFF modular brushless motor driver for force feedback flight controls.

CL_SPU + BLDRV2-24 Data Sheet

Customer Installations

Follow the above link for examples of the CL system installation in heavy jet and other sims...



UPDATE Sept 17 - New automatic power-up calibration movement features have been added to the cards. See here for more details, and here for a quick video.


The BFF modular control loader driver system provides brushless motor drives for up to 3 control axes in flight simulator control loader systems.


Each control station installation will require:

  • 1 x CL_SPU control and communications card,


  • 1 to 3 BLDRV2-24 motor drivers (one for each active control axis)

The CL_SPU handles communications with the PC software and shares data and instructions with the individual BLDRV2-24 driver cards.


Up to three (3) BLDRV2-24 driver cards are then connected to the CL_SPU - one for each control axis (ie  elevator, aileron and rudder).


The BLDRV2-24 drivers are designed to be used with the recommended brushless motors (see below).


In properly designed and built simulator flight controls the BLDRV2-24 drivers and brushless motors develop very smooth control forces in response to the changing dynamics of the simulated flight.



The CL_SPU + BLDRV2-24 cards are driven by the BFF Control Loader software which is available for both FS9/X/P3D and X-Plane. NOTE these cards DO NOT operate with conventional USB output for FFB joysticks.

Please note that the BFF CL System generates force levels much larger than those from conventional FFB joysticks and this gives a more realistic flight experience when flying with a yoke, stick or flight column. The system can also be used to build FFB rudder pedals. The level of force generated depends on the transmission ratios designed-into the flight controls.

The BFF CL system was primarily intended for leisure use by flight simulation enthusiasts it is not directly certified for flight training use. It has however been adopted by several sim builders providing systems for flight training.


I normally supply the CL_SPU + BLDRV2-24 cards only; to complete a Control Loader project you will need to source for yourself all other components required for the system.


For an essential review of the steps required to build and complete a flight control loader system please read CAREFULLY the project overview documentation provided for the DIY flight yoke project.


Brushless Motor Driver

CL_SPU communications and control card

Brushless Motor Driver

BLDRV2-24 motor driver

  • For operation with BFF Control Loader software. Follow the link for more details of the loading components and features.

  • For use with Agenzia Pini SpeederMotion MB082GA210 BLDC motors which should be fitted with 360 ppr (5V DC, A + B) quadrature shaft encoders.

  • 24V DC operation.

  • Modular system - up to 3 x BLDRV2-24 driver cards can be plugged into one CL-SPU control and communications card.

  • CL_SPU card provides full electrical isolation between the high current motor drives and the PC/USB system. PC connection is by included USB/TTL converter cable.

  • Simplified system wiring; driver cards plug directly into the CL_SPU to provide inter-card shared communications. Pluggable screw connectors provided for external power and motor side wiring.

  • 3 phase continuous sinusoidal motor commutation to generate smooth torque output for more realistic flight control force feel.

  • Onboard force calculation at 500Hz (for flight control movement related load components) with circa. 50Hz insertion of simulator flight dynamics related force components - combines fast and stable control loop operation with low resource on-PC CL software.

  • +/- 9bit force output resolution for smooth force control, 10KHz PWM.

  • PID controlled position following mode for AP following (and control station electrical linking).

  • Improved upgrade path - CL_SPU setup parameters held in EEPROM can now be programmed directly from PC. This reduces the need for firmware reflashing.

  • NEW Sept 17 - Automatic power-up calibration (APUC) movement features as alternative to standard manual movement calibration.

For further technical details PLEASE READ the data sheet here.

DIY Force Feeback Flight Yoke - BLDC Motor

MB082 BLDC Motor

The default BLDRV2-24 card programming is for use with Agenzia Pini SpeederMotion MB082GA210 BLDC motors which should be fitted with 360 cpr (5V DC, A + B) quadrature shaft encoders.

When building these motors into flight controls the mechanical transmission speed reduction ratios should be designed to generate the control force levels you require. Please contact me for guidance.

System Build

The BLDRV-12/24 drives MUST be used in a properly designed and constructed electrical/mechanical system.

DIY Force Feeback Flight Yoke

The mechanical transmission connecting your flight controls to the drive motors must be carefully designed and built - it must be strong and stiff enough to carry the considerable forces generated by the motors. It must also be completely free of any play or backlash, be smooth in operation, have low levels of friction and have a suitable overall gearing ratio which is constant over the full working travel of the controls. The CL software and electronic hardware can not compensate for poorly designed or built mechanical transmissions.....

System Wiring

Please also read the card datasheet for further technical details.


BFF Control Loader System


The above system diagram MUST be read in conjunction with these notes - BFF System Wiring Notes.


You should also ensure that you download and READ carefully the BLDRV2-24 data sheet BEFORE attempting the project.

Power Supply

The Mean Well S-350-24 (or later equivalents) is suggested for 2 axis systems.

See -

The supply rated at 14.6 Amp which is sufficient for a 2 axis system such as the flight yoke, but it may be too small for a 3 axis system (including rudder pedals). It is available on eBay at a fairly low cost.


The Mean Well SE-450-24 (or equivalent) 18.8 Amp is suitable for most 3 axis systems. However if all three axes are to be used routinely at full output simultaneously then a larger PSU may be required.


In some highly geared systems it may also be necessary to provide some current sinking capacity in the power supply. This is to allow the supply to handle current generated by the drive motors under some circumstances. A Lead-Acid battery pair wired in series with the PSU can provide this.

BFF CL Software features

See the Control Loader software see here for details of the CL software and loading features.




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